An anniversary list…

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Far Empty’s release…I thought I’d focus on -other- authors.

I’ve always been an avid reader across a wide variety of genres, but until I got involved on this side of publishing, I don’t think I had any idea exactly how many books are published each year. Each week. And I mean great books, books that carry their weight; books that deserve your time and attention. Since I’ve spent the entire last year talking about my damn book, I wanted to make sure I name-checked some great authors I’ve been exposed to. A handful I’ve met personally, others I know only through their writing, some you may have already heard of, but I urge you to take a few moments and pick out seven names you don’t recognize (for June 7, my release date last year) and hunt down their books at your local bookstore or thru Amazon. Give ’em a try, tell others about them. These writers are all doing fantastic work…they’re telling great stories in every genre imaginable.

They’re worth your time.

And if you pick up seven new books, that’ll be one to read each month until the end of the year!

There’s no rhyme or reason here (not even an alphabetical order) – just me going back through some of my recent purchases and reads. In truth, this list could have had a hundred more names. Like I said, there are a lot of great books and great writers out there.

And thanks for supporting this writer – JTS

Jesse Donaldson, David Joy, Brian Panowich, Jeff Abbott, Reavis Wortham, Megan Abbott, Reed Farrel Coleman, Harry Hunsicker, Robert Knott, Ace Atkins, Nick Petrie, Lyndsay Faye, Trudy Nan Boyce, Mike Maden, M.J. Carter, Owen Laukkanen, Ingrid Thoft, Todd Moss, Michael Farris Smith, M.O. Walsh, Taylor Brown, Hester Young, Zachary Mason,  Kameron Hurley, Andy Davidson, Chuck Wendig, T.Jefferson Parker, R.S. Dabney, Adam Mansbach, C.J. Howell, Josh Malerman, Kathleen Kent, Jordan Harper, John Darnielle, JoAnn Chaney, Hideo Yokoyama, Emily Fridlund, Scott Hawkins, Bryon Quertermous, Charlie Jane Anders, Nicholas Eames, Adam Nevill, Christine Carbo, Ania Ahlborn, Peter Swanson, Paul Tremblay


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